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To help us resolve the dispute as quickly as possible please ensure that the below details are correct. Click on the “?” symbol placed beside each area for more information. If you are a Landlord or a Representative for a Landlord, please have your registration details to hand.


Please ensure the RT reference number is in the correct format eg: 1234-12345678. If you are a Tenant or Third Party, you can leave this field blank.

Reason for Dispute

Please read notes on each dispute type and tick box(es) accordingly. There is helpful information and tools available on the RTB website. Please consult this before proceding with your application. Additional Documentation and Evidence can be submitted once you have recieved your case reference number.

Select Dispute Type
Rent arrears and overholding
Rent arrears
Validity of notice of termination (if you are disputing the validity of a termination notice issued)
Deposit retention
Breach of landlord obligations
Breach of tenant obligations
Standard and maintenance of dwelling
Unlawful termination of tenancy (Illegal eviction)
Anti-social behaviour
Damage in excess of normal wear and tear
Rent review not in line with Rent Pressure Zone
Validity of notice of rent review
Breach of fixed term lease
Rent more than market rate (Not Applicable to Approved Housing Body Tenancies)

Alternative Remedies

Please tick this box IF: Any alternative legal remedy was already sought in respect of this matter